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Beth-El Baptist Church Morning Worship Service

Date Identifier Passage Message Title Messenger

06/04 2469/CGOD John 3:16-17 Can God Really Save Your Soul? Dr. Gabriel Otero

06/11 2470/CGOD 2 Timothy 1:12 Can God Really Keep You Saved? Dr. Gabriel Otero

06/18 PGT0165/FATHER Deuteronomy 6:1-9 A Father's Responsibility Pastor Greg Tomlinson

06/25 2471/CGOD Acts 9:1-16 Can God Really Use My Life? Dr. Gabriel Otero

07/02 2472/HOW Psalm 33:12 How To Make America Great Again Dr. Gabriel Otero

07/09 2473/HOW John 10:27-29 How To Be Sure We Have Eternal Life Dr. Gabriel Otero

07/16 2474/HOW Psalm 51 How To Come Back When We Are Down Dr. Gabriel Otero

07/23 2475/HOW Ephesians 5:18 How To Be Sure We Walk The Walk Dr. Gabriel Otero

07/30 2476/HOW Acts 9:1-6 How To Know The Will Of God Dr. Gabriel Otero

08/06 2477/GOS Luke 8:40-48 Who Touched Me? Dr. Gabriel Otero

08/13 2477/GOS John 9:1-7 Blind From Birth Dr. Gabriel Otero

08/20 2478/GOS John 3:1-9 You Must Be Born Again Dr. Gabriel Otero

08/27 2479/GOS John 4:1-15 Give Me This Water Dr. Gabriel Otero

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